Whether it’s a designer cloth or high end designer dog collars, every dog deserves to look their best! Today’s varieties range from natural leather, hand sewn, laser engraved, rhinestone bling and chevron patterned, so you’ll never be stuck for choice. Besides appearance though, here are a few more reasons why you should invest in a good quality collar for your furry friend.

Although a collar may take a little while for some dogs to adjust to, you may need to look at changing it if they are just not accepting it or seem constantly bothered by it. Inspect how it fits your dog to ensure the correct size and try to monitor how it impacts upon their normal activities – a collar constantly getting caught on things might be a bit too bling or ill fitting, so make sure it suits their everyday life.

For example, you may need to select a different material that is perhaps water proof or if you are training them, martingale collars work well.  Similarly, you may need a collar that has a safety stretch dimension to it if they regularly run outside near branches or are a failed Houdini dog whose escape attempts lead to potential strangulation situations.

A good collar will include visible identification tags in case they wander. Check the condition of tags regularly to ensure legibility and also that your details are up-to-date. It’s no use having an old phone number on there! These days you can personalise tags and collars in a number of ways to ensure easy identification. Check out designs online such as embroidered bamboo, customised harnesses or metal tags with laser engraving that won’t fade.

Don’t forget, a good dog collar is also one that’s in good condition, no matter how much you paid for it originally. So in order to reduce smells and prevent issues such as contact dermatitis, periodically replace them, especially if your best friend has a predilection for bacteria forming habits such as rolling in poop or lots of wet play. A damaged collar also should go in case of injury to your pup and simple safety when out walking or playing, no one wants a runaway dog near a busy road!

Another great collar option is the tech savvy collar. Not only can you have GPS tracking built in which will ensure they are never lost, you can also set boundary alerts that will notify you if they are in areas they are not supposed to be and some have the option of an invisible fence setting. Two-way audio is standard with many smart collars and of course, a variety of colours are available should you wish to invest in a few and alternate depending on your mood.

Don’t forget collars are also needed to introduce your puppy to walk time and it’s important for them to learn how to behave on a leash, so find a comfortable and safe collar that allows you both to explore the outdoors together in style!