There are some outstanding ideas to consider when preparing your home for a new puppy or kitten. Everyone loves adorable small animals. Just watching tiny kittens frolic or young puppies jump for joy can put a smile on anyone’s face no matter how their day has gone. Caring for kittens and puppies though is not all fun and games. Someone has to ensure that the home is suited for a small curious animal. There are some important pet supplies needed before the cute puppy or kitten is brought inside.

As with most young animals, kittens are known to be incredibly curious. Their wanderings will find them many interesting things to get into that most pet owners would never think about. Everyone has seen kittens unrolling balls of yarn tucked in a grandmother’s tote bag. Sometimes, the things that kittens get involved with are not so harmless. It is critical to keep any toxic or poisonous items out of reach of these tiny household members. This is especially true for cleaning supplies and items commonly found in garages. Antifreeze doesn’t have a taste that deters an animal from drinking it. Always ensure the safety of your young pets.

Puppies can also decide to venture into new surroundings. They love to chew on socks and other small items that have the scent of their wonderful new owners. Imagine their true surprise when their owners act dismayed to find their clothing ripped to neat shreds. To keep small puppies and kittens out of danger zones, put up appropriate gates to keep them out. Remember that kittens and many puppies are able to jump fairly high. It is also recommended to use safety locks on easily pushed open cabinets and drawers.

Puppies and kittens both need proper nutrition during this growing stage. Food made for your pet should be measured out in appropriate for your pet servings. Many dogs will continue to eat even when they are full. It is not wise to pour the whole days’ worth of food into bowls. Ensure that the food brand is made just for puppies or kittens. Ask your veterinarian how much food to feed your pet to ensure superior health. These small
Animals also need plenty of fresh water.
They tend to tip over their feeding bowls. Try using weighted bowls meant for these tiny beings. Always check the water bowl frequently to ensure clean water throughout the day.

Kittens should have a litter box filled with litter for elimination purposes. Most kittens take to these easily. Younger kittens that were taken away from their mothers too early might need some extra prompting and teaching. Puppies will need to be trained on where to go. A good puppy training book can help new puppy owners with this job. Most owners use absorbent puppy pads at night to avoid some messes. These pads are easily found where other pet products are sold.

When puppy and kitten owners shop for pet products online, they often get deals on the price. Owners should pick up grooming supplies and safe toys to keep their tiny pets clean and occupied. These little critters have boundless energy. Save time and effort better spent enjoying your pet by online shopping.