A pet dog is one of the most loving and unselfish companion that you may ever have in life. Pets gives countless amount of joy and in appreciation the least we can do is to keep it healthy and fit .

These listed below are best ways to keep your dog a healthy weight;


Every dog should engage in daily exercise. This may be long walks through the neighborhood, engaging on a trip to the dog park daily to play and run. Every dog has several energy level that needs to be looked into, so it is necessary to play with your dogs so they can make move various muscles of their body  . If you don’t engage your dog in exercises, you may find your dog not having a healthy weight. Frequent exercising helps keeps fit and a healthy weight.


One of the best ways to ensure that your dog keeps a healthy weight is to pay attention to their diet. A diet that is well balanced and nutritious can do well in giving the dog a healthy weight . One of the important things that you need to note is that human food is not ideal for dogs. It is bad for their health and weight. Ensure you feed your dog a diet that meets all of his nutritional needs. Watch closely your dog’s behavior. Most times you will notice he is not energetic as he used to be or it may pack on extra weight, then you need to work on his diet and also note that some dogs do better on a specific commercial dog food while others need raw foods to be at their best and maintain a healthy weight. But If you are not sure what changes to make in your pet’s diet, kindly visit your veterinarian. Aside good diet, high intake of clean water to drink also helps in keeping a healthy weight for your dog.


Time to time veterinarian visits are very important if you want to ensure that your dog maintains a healthy weight. Illness or pain may cause a slack in your pet’s weight thereby endangering their active life. If the illness is failed to be detected and treated on time, it can lead to other complications. A regular visit to the veterinarian with your dog is one of the best thing you can do in ensuring a maintainable healthy weight. It will be nice if detected and treated on time before it becomes life threatening.

Keeping a dog is a big responsibility regarding to the usefulness, it needs not to joke with everything concerning them. Your dog probably depends on you for food, grooming and their daily care as well. He depends on you to see that all his needs are met to keep a healthy weight.

These simple and effective tips can ensure that your dog keeps a healthy weight and stay happy at all times.