A protection dog is a well-trained dog that is also capable of taking care of you and your family members in case of peril. Such a pet is caring, loving and protective of you, your spouse and your children and it is a lifetime companion. A protection dog is not to be confused with an aggressive on. Your canine pet will only show an aggressive behaviour towards a perpetrator or a bad intentioned person. Such a pet will make sure his or her owners are safe and away from the danger.

You might be wondering, where can I get such an outstanding dog for my place? The answer for that is simple: from the professional dog training and protection dog training facility Total K9.

Trained Protection Dogs for Sale

Located in Cottam, Yorkshire, Total K9 is a team of dog trainers closely supervised by Robert Cammish, certified member of the British Institution of Professional Dog Trainers and of the National Association of Security Dog Users. The property has 80 acres of countryside and the team, alongside Robert, puts a lot of care, professionalism and hard work into teaching a dog to be well behaved and a good protector of your household.

Two of the most important aspects about Total K9 are that they love dogs and that they are passionate about what they do. Every canine going through their training sessions learns to be well mannered and disciplined – in order to obey their owner and is thought how to protect family members.

Combining training with safety, Total K9 has a number of protection dogs which are carefully trained and ready to find a family to love and take care of. Breeds such as the German Shepherd, the American Bulldog or the Belgium Malinois make great protection pets. When they are also very well disciplined, they provide a lot of love and safety to their owners.

Protection dogs are great companions for your children as well. They are their play mates and also their body guards and nothing will stay in the way of keeping your little ones away from danger.

At Total K9 you can choose from a number of such obedient, caring and protective pets.

A dog will be your friend for as long as he or she lives. When it is trained to be both disciplined and protective, it is a wonder to have around the home. Certain breeds make better protection dogs than others.  They are very fond of their families and of the perimeter of their home. This is why, having such a pet will assure the safety of your household. You won’t need to worry about burglars or other bad intentioned people. Your protection dog will be on guard 24 hours a day, every day.  All you have to do in return is to love him. And he will love you and keep you safe unconditionally.