Whether you’ve had your dog since they were a puppy, or you’ve chosen to adopt a senior dog, you will want to give your dog the best. Unfortunately, aging is part of life, but being old doesn’t have to mean being unhappy. Here are some tips, so that you can give your senior dog lots more happy days.

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Health and Nutrition

As your dog gets older, their diet is very important. Just like us, getting older means an increased risk of illness and diseases. Make sure the dog food you feed your dog is nutritional and high quality. Dog food made specifically for senior dogs will often contain a better balance of the right ingredients that your dog needs. Maintaining a healthy weight for your dog is also important as if your dog is overweight, this puts extra pressure on their joints. If your dog is losing too much weight, this is a sign that your dog needs to be taken to the vet. Regular checkups with the vet can help to spot problems early, so your dog can receive treatment sooner.

You can also look out for veterinary recommended, nutritional supplements. Just like the nutritional supplements that we take, you can find health supplements made for pets too. Wapiti elk antler supplements offer great health benefits, helping to support joints and mobility, as well as supporting a healthy liver, kidneys, and immune system.

Dental Care

Often overlooked, good oral care is essential, as toothache is just as uncomfortable to dogs as it is to us. Bad breath is an obvious sign of dental problems and this may require a trip to the vet. To keep your dog’s teeth healthy and clean, you can find dog-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste in the pet store. If brushing your dog’s teeth is too difficult, there are also plenty of dog chews that help to clean their teeth and are fun for your dog to enjoy too.


Whilst older dogs may get slower, keeping up a good walking routine will help to keep them healthier, as well as providing them an enjoyable activity. Arthritis is a common ailment for senior dogs and if they are finding things very difficult, there are some ways that you can help. Making sure they have soft bedding to sleep on and a ramp to provide easier access to vehicles can help. Also, with hard flooring, rugs can help to provide a better surface to walk on, so they won’t slip.

Of course, don’t forget that giving your dog lots of love and attention is also incredibly important and they will still enjoy spending time with you and receiving your affection. They may not be a bouncy puppy anymore, but they deserve just as much love and hugs. When adopting, people commonly choose the young and energetic dogs or adorable puppies. Senior dogs may need extra care and support, but giving a senior dog a loving home is extra special, as you are making sure their final years are full of happiness.