The effectiveness of CBD on domestic animals such as dogs, cats and horses has been studied in particular. CBD oil for animals shows good results when the product is used in combination with traditional medical treatment.

From oil to CBD for which animals?

CBD oil for animals can also be used for palliative care. It can contribute to a dignified end of life. CBD oil is also used to treat certain psychic symptoms in animals. The product contributes to balance and stability. Some animals can be very anxious at a certain time of the year or when they have been abused. It gives CBD oil  to some cats and dogs that are anxious or stressed. CBD oil does not give any side effects. This oil does not contain THC, does not “hover” !!

  • The product can improve the movements and activity of the animal
  • An animal becomes more calm thanks to CBD for animalsand will be less stressed or timid
  • The CBD for dogs keeps a healthy digestive tract
  • The product brings comfort at the end of life
  • CBDcan relieve chronic pain
  • Neurological function is improved
  • The immune system is supported.

Attention, this product is not a miracle product. It is a product that can complement traditional treatments and reduce the symptoms that your pet suffers. Your pet may feel better, but always check with your veterinarian before starting to give CBD pet oil to your pet.

How much is given to our animals?

For a dog or a cat, 1 to 2 drops of CBD oil for animals 1 to 2 times a day is enough if you use the product as a dietary supplement. It’s up to you to see depending on your pet’s behavior. The first results are often visible after a week of daily intake. In cases where the desired effect is delayed, the dosage may be increased with 1 drop. CBD oil for animals is available in different concentrations. If the product is used as a dietary supplement, a low concentration of oil is sufficient. Or if CBD is used to treat diseased animals, a concentration of 3% or more is recommended.

Our product contains 3% CBD oil that is mixed with organic hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil used as a dietary supplement can relieve skin, coat and nail problems. Hemp seed oil is enriched with CBD to boost the energy and health of your pet. Thanks to the vitamins and essential fatty acids in this oil, the animal will have a soft and shiny coat.